An agitation of truth to expose brazen lies,
A rebellion against subjugation,
A fender against felony,
A crusade to overcome neglect,
A long battle to win the war of survival,
A campaign for restoration of rights,
A struggle to keep the issues alive,
And a movement to regain what is lost...
Is the name that is called the
Panun Kashmir...
It is verily the mission - with a vision - in action.
- Mr. Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo

Policy Statement

It becomes important for Panun Kashmir to clarify that the situation in Kashmir has ceased to be an ordinary law and order problem. What Panun Kashmir has been persistently emphasizing upon has come true and Kashmir is, unfortunately, on the path of Syria and Iraq. The religious crusade in Kashmir has manifested itself in its worst form. The drama and facade of Azadi has been uncovered by the same people who are in the leadership of the religious crusade in Kashmir. It was and is a fight to cleanse Kashmir of anything but Nizame Mustafa. It is the duty of the state government to give complete protection and security to the members of the miniscule Hindu minority community in the Kashmir valley. They have been living on an edge always and continue to do so now and in particular the package employees and the other valley based minority community members are to be ensured complete security.

Panun Kashmir also appeals to the government of India and its instrumentalities in Kashmir to take due note of our appeal. It is its paramount duty not only to take tough action in Kashmir but also to make it sure that the minority community is protected in Kashmir. A serious situation is on the anvil necessitating for a complete review of the policies connected with the security and sovereignty of the nation in Kashmir. The approach of Dereliction and Delay has brought us to this juncture. We pay our salutes to the valiant security forces that are facing tough times in Kashmir. We join the patriotic forces of this nation to pay our homage to the slain Lieutenant of the Indian Army Omar Fayaz. He has set an example for the generations to come in Kashmir. We pray for peace to his soul.

Panun Kashmir since its inception has given a new and different Idiom to the Kashmiri Pandit struggle that takes into account the geo-political aspirations of the K P community. The whole philosophy, context, declaration and the demand of Homeland in Margdarshan Resolution envisages a complete solution to the centuries of persecution, neglect and apathy. The focus today is definitely on the future generations and Panun Kashmir is conscious of its responsibilities in this direction.

The Kashmiri Pandit activists are duty bound to espouse the cause of human rights violations and ethnic cleansing against the minorities in the J&K state on all available forums at national and international level. In this connection, the recent UNHRC endeavour on behalf of Panun Kashmir has brought an important dimension of the issue to the fore. The international human rights bodies need to be brought out of the oblivion regarding the factual situation in Kashmir. We will further follow this up in an appropriate manner in future course of time and would appeal to the vast membership of the community to give us more facts and figures in this connection and join this campaign in order to keep alive the core concerns of the Pandits - the victims of crimes against humanity in Kashmir.